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Marin County man pens book about Trump’s missing smarts

Robert Gumpertz of Mill Valley has compiled a book about Donald Trump’s absent wisdom.

Yes, it’s an incredibly thin volume.

And yes, it’s a gimmick.

But “The Wisdom of Donald Trump,” a new 24-page book is almost guaranteed to bring a smile to your lips.

As it did mine.

Not so much, though, if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool-over-my-eyes supporter of the “Apprentice” president so many folks would like to fire.

The waggish blank-paged paperback by Robert Gumpertz of Marin County’s Mill Valley not only made me grin but compelled me to show it to a gaggle of friends and neighbors (insisting, however, that they return it so it can become an integral part of my permanent, growing collection of “anti” artifacts).

Not incidentally, downright hilarious cartoons from the imaginative but sometimes unruly mind of Gumpertz have appeared regularly since the mid-‘60s in Playboy, the San Francisco Chronicle, The New York Times, Punch, Paris Match and Penthouse.

But the man’s also an accomplished fine artist who creates both representational and abstract drawings in mixed media.

“I paint, therefore I am,” he once declared in a YouTube interview.

Robert Gumpertz

The author-illustrator, who’s lived in Paris and New York but now categorically swears by Northern California, previously forged two wordless books for kids between the ages of 2 and 5, “Frankie at the Bus Stop” and “Frankie at the Seashore: An Adventure in Pictures (Volume 1).”

They’re “aimed at 6- to 10-year-olds and non-English speakers,” he proclaimed at the time.

A third volume, “The Adventures of Trina and the Great Barrett: A Rousing Tale,” is geared for kids 7 to 10.

And then there’s his book with the most un-inviting title you’ve probably never heard of: “Dream Notebook: For Keeping Personal Records of Dream Activities, Adventures, Images, and Patterns.”

But enough distractions. Here comes my shameless plug for what in an alternate universe might be called a coffee-table book:

“The Wisdom of Donald Trump” is a must-buy for ever-laughers, never-Trumpers, Trump-haters and anyone sufficiently disenchanted to believe our nation’s Bully-in-Chief should, in the vernacular of a Bridge game, be trumped (spell that “drummed out of office” since he likes military huff-and-puffery so much).


“The Wisdom of Donald Trump” is available at Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com and IngramSpark.com.

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