Wink – World Premiere


By Jen Silverman

Directed by Mike Donahue, Marin Theatre Company, Mill Valley

June 13th-July 7th


“If we weren’t happy, would we know it?”

What do a dysfunctional couple, a repressed psychologist and a cat have in common?  The need to find connection in the midst of finding oneself; striping away layers of who they think they should be, to find their true selves.

Sophie (Liz Sklar) and Gregor (Seann Gallagher) are married and own a cat, Wink.  Wink however is missing.  Dr. Frans is their therapist.  Sophie is distraught over her missing cat, Wink.   Wink, resurfaces, into the home and life of Dr. Frans.  Set in anytime post 1980, the couples’ living room is transformed as each character undergoes a metamorphosis. Wink is the cat-alyst for change in all their lives – sometimes from his absence, sometimes from his presence.  The play is short, funny and with wild unexpected twists.

Sklar and Gallagher will have your eyes wide open as their richly dark and comedic performances are fully realized with jaw dropping arcs. The complexity of the characters from end to end are brilliantly realized by both performers.   John William Watkins is in a class all his own as he personifies Wink, the cat. His grasp of the feline persona, dare I say psyche, is masterful.  The audience was glued to him like watching a train wreck.  Free has a similar effect, but not quite as intense.  He does a wonderful job of creating conflict in the audience; he evokes annoyance, pity, understanding.

Jen Silverman has written an entertaining play that doesn’t leave you after the curtain closes.  While the dialogue is somewhat minimal, it is meaty – not for the simple- minded or those that don’t like to be made to laugh, and think.

In a blink, this show will be gone! Hurry to Marin Theatre Company in Mill Valley from June 13 – July 7 to grab tickets to this very entertaining World Premiere of Wink.

Great season MTC! Way to go! 415 388 5200