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*WINK* – A Twisted Cat Tale at Marin Theatre Company

You’ll get a clue about this Company’s love of cats when you peruse the gallery wall at the House Door nearest the cafe window of the theater. When you see this production, you’ll get yet another clue of what the love of a cat can do to the psychological well-being of its humans (and wanna-be human- owners). Remember: cats rule.

Brilliantly written as a “dark comedy” by Playwright Jen Silverman (2018 Norton “Sky” Cooper New American Play Prize-winner for Wink), this comical and psychological mind-bender cleverly shows the tight-wire walked between self-control and twisted actions often taken in emotional attachments. Directed by acclaimed Mike Donahue with Assistant Director Whitney Stone, this is 75-minutes of hilarious absurdity and a “trip to the far-side of sanity.”

At the risk of reading more into this piece than intended, the shrink/psychoanalyst to Wink’s humans, Dr. Frans – superbly performed by Kevin R. Free – just might need a shrink himself to analyze his conflict between the apparent desire for “Wink” (to be his live-in cat) and a live-in human boyfriend.

Wink, the handsome tomcat (wonderfully portrayed by spectacular John William Watkins) belonging to Sofie (the lovely housewife as played by Liz Sklar), has been skinned by Gregor (Sofie’s jealous husband, performed well by Seann Gallagher), and the audience is kept riveted to Wink’s escapades thereafter and the “murderously-sad” psychological effects on his humans.

Standouts on the Production Crew include Rachel Hurado-Osburn and Liam Rudisill the amazing Props Artisans; Stage Manager Betsy Norton; and Carpenter, Mike Ferrell.

Creative Team kudos go especially to Dane Laffrey, Scenic Designer/Costume Designer with Katherine Nowacki, Assistant Costume Designer; Jake Rodriguez, Sound Designer; and Jen Schreiver, Lighting Designer.

By Elle Alexa Simon on behalf of Flora Lynn Isaacson, Theater Critic, San Francisco Bay Area Critics Circle
Production Photos by Kevin Berne

opened June 13, 2019, and will close July 7, 2019, with remaining performances on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:30p; and Sunday Matinees at 2:00p.  For Tickets: See www.MarinTheatre.org, or telephone 415-388-5208.

COMING UP NEXT AT MTC, Sovereignty (by Mary Kathryn Nagle), September 26 through October 20, 2019, at the home of Marin Theatre Company: Boyer Theatre, 397 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley 94941.