Whether your “Brain is your erogenous zone” or not, See Lynn Ruth!

For the young or young-at-heart, Lynn Ruth Miller’s Limited – Engagement Cabaret at the Marsh is so much more than a song.
Lynn Ruth’s I LOVE MEN is not for the meek, or those who would go quietly into the night. (Then again, those are the ones who need to hear it! )

Lynn Ruth takes you on a ride through her amazing life. Her journey has you reliving memories both joy-filled and heartbreaking. The rollercoaster has highs and lows, but you never want to get off. Her life stories and songs establish a visual and auditory tapestry of what it takes to create an abundant life. The lyrics of her songs are rich, clever, funny, and always uniquely Lynn Ruth. The singing is quirky and beautiful as only an 85 year old, (Even though when you look at her it’s impossible to believe she’s over 65), can pull off.
Funny, immensely touching, vulnerable and very inspiring, Lynn Ruth’s I LOVE MEN reminds us all that there is so much we are capable of when we step out of the shadows of the image our parents (well intentioned, or not) convey to us. And that the most important person to find in life, is oneself.

Find your way to one of her shows next time she’s in SF; Or you’re in London!