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BACK FROM IRAQ, at the Southside Theatre at Fort Mason Center, September 8 through October 1st, buy tickets through Or at the TIX booth at Union Square.Celebrate the men and women of the U.S. military forces in the Bay Area premiere of the new, cool, creative musical BACK FROM IRAQ. Based on true soldier stories, experience a high-voltage musical tribute to the “boots on the ground” lives of young men and women coming to terms with their first war experience during “Operation Iraqi Freedom,” propelled by lively rhythms and music by local Bay Area Composers from Broadway to hip hop numbers. Created and written by Zoe Conner, Producer.  Composers are Ben Prince, Janis Wilson, Nate Riebli, Johnny Harper and Jairo Vargas.




Production Dates: September 28, 2017 – October 22, 2017 Opening Night: Tuesday, October 3, 2017


—Marin Theatre Company (MTC) kicks off its 51st season with the explosive World Premiere of Thomas Bradshaw’s newest play, Thomas and Sally. Framed through the contemporary scope of two female college students, Bradshaw gets up close and personal with founding father Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings, the enslaved woman who mothered six of his children.


Over the past three years, MTC has dedicated resources, space, and artistic energy towards commissioning this piece, including producing two developmental workshops just this year. This darkly comic and subversive play will be directed by MTC’s Artistic Director, Jasson Minadakis:


“When we first conceived this project, our goal was to find the human being buried beneath the heroic textbook image of Thomas Jefferson. Bradshaw has taken this work even farther, unmasking the hypocrisies at the heart of the founding of America. This play could not come at a more pivotal time, as the country confronts our Founding Fathers and their complex legacies.”


Thomas and Sally’s powerhouse cast of ten actors—including Tara Pacheco as Sally Hemings and Mark Anderson Phillips as Thomas Jefferson, as well as L. Peter Callender, Robert Sicular, and more—will play 23 separate roles. MTC is thrilled to bring to our stage such a unique perspective on the Hemings/Jeffersons, Benjamin Franklin, John and Abigail Adams and more!

The Past In Perspective


Five years ago, when Thomas Bradshaw and Jasson Minadakis first sat down to have a conversation about the possibility of a future project together, they could not imagine the events that would transpire in our country during the coming years. They did not yet have as reference the widespread success of Hamilton, the breadth of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, the experience of bipartisan division in the 2016 election, or the tragedy and impact of the recent Charlottesville protests. These events (among countless others), and the catalytic national shift toward investigating our country’s origins which has arisen in response to them, set the stage for several years of dialogue and development that culminate in MTC’s production of Thomas and Sally.


Mr. Bradshaw’s writing has been influenced by the research of many historical experts on the Jefferson and Hemings families, but the world of this play is completely his own:


“Thomas and Sally is a work of historical fiction. You may recognize many of the names in this play, but others are pure invention. History is highly malleable and subject to interpretation. This is my attempt to explore the essence of these characters and the world they lived in. This is a play, and I am playing with history. I hope you enjoy”\




THE MARSH SAN FRANCISCO EXTENDS DURST CASE SCENARIO Written and Performed by Will Durst Now through September 19, 2017 Returns October 3-November 21, 2017


– The Marsh San Francisco announces political comedian Will Durst’s new solo show, Durst Case Scenario has been extended due to popular demand. Specializing in political humor for folks who don’t like politics, Durst’s rollicking feast of outraged and outrageous satire is a comedic exploration of how America is changing in the Trump era. Durst Case Scenario will return for his extended run 8:00pm Tuesdays, October 3-November 21, 2017 at The Marsh San Francisco, 1062 Valencia Street, San Francisco. For tickets ($20-$35 sliding scale, $55-$100 reserved), the public may visit or call The Marsh box office at 415-282-3055 (open 1-4pm, Monday through Friday).




“If you’re told to ‘take a hike’ this fall, this is a great time and place to do it,” says Trudy McMahon of the Eugene O’Neill Foundation, Tao House.

On Sunday, September 10, hikers are invited to join in for the Eugene O’Neill Festival Hike from downtown Danville up the hill to Tao House. The event, in partnership with the National Park Service, is part of the month-long Eugene O’Neill Festival.Participants will enjoy a guided hike from Front Street Park in downtown Danville to the Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site. The route will be along the Iron Horse Trail and into the Las Trampas Regional Wilderness. The hike begins at 9:00 a.m. There is no fee for this event.

Hikers can return to downtown Danville via NPS Shuttle from Tao House. Participants can also hike on a return route back along Madrone Trail to Camille Avenue, or on Virgil Williams Trail to Starview Drive.

Guides from the National Park Service will be available to assist hikers and to control traffic flow.Advanced registration is recommended by September 5 at plays-hike-tao-house.



The World Premiere of Cirque Exotique du Monde Is Coming to Redwood City

Inspired by Germany’s Circus Sarrasani, we enter the big-top of a world-renowned circus in 1936 Berlin. When a peculiar anthropologist visits Cirque Exotique du Monde seeking oddities for his own collection, the equilibrium of this patchwork family of misfits is shaken. But when the circus catches the eye of Frau Goebbels, all is at stake. Illusions must be maintained, secrets kept and personal sacrifices made. The show must go on because lives depend upon it. World premiere.

Cirque Exotique du Monde is a part of Dragon Productions Theatre Company’s 2017 Second Stages Series. For the first time ever, Dragon’s season has two thematic series. Part of the series entitled “Emerging Voices,” Cirque Exotique du Monde was created by Peninsula playwright Kathy Boussina. About the genesis of the play, Ms. Boussina says “The world of Cirque Exotique du Monde is a confluence of two historic occurrences; the story of an ethnographer who collected morbid curiosities for his museum and the story of Circus Sarrasani, a prominent circus that began in Germany in 1901. Ethnographer, Dr. Gonzalez de Velasco’s story tells of a complex individual flawed by his dehumanizing pursuit of “oddities;” a pursuit which had a devastating impact on the lives it touched. Circus Sarrasani is the story of a community and the changes forced upon it to survive. Circus Sarrasani weathered two world wars but at a significant cost. Most tragically, in WWII it was required to hand over performers to the Nazis if they did not meet the Nuremberg criteria of pure Aryan descent or if they displayed non-conforming traits or characteristics.


The play begins in 1936 Berlin, a time of rising gross and blatant intolerance. We know now that this time foreshadows a tragic historic turn. Though this is a story inspired by historic events, it’s truly the story of family, community, and the individuals both within and without.  It is a story of acceptance and not accepting. It is the story of collective identity, personal identity and the constant struggle of finding one’s place.”


Managing Director Kimberly Wadycki says that she’s excited to produce this world premiere story because “not only is it a lovely story that’s both history and a warning, but it gives us the opportunity to put something very different on our stage. Because it’s the story of a circus we have the opportunity to put some very cool stuff on the Dragon stage. They’ve incorporated a woman who does aerialist silk work, a man with a serious clowning background, and everyone’s having a great time creating a world within our little theatre. It should be a special theatrical experience from the moment you walk into the lobby to the moment the actors take their final bow.”


This message has been truncated due to size limitations. Show entire message




“Homeful”  (US Premiere) Plays the 2017 San Francisco Fringe Festival SUN SEPT 10 8:30 PM FRI SEPT 15 8:30 PM SAT SEPT 16 4:00 PM WED SEPT 20 8:30 PM

How do we discover what home means when we feel like we never fully fit in anywhere? “Homeful”   a new solo play about roots and restlessness  will run  as part of the 26th  annual  San Francisco Fringe Festival, September 8 through 23, 2017.    “Homeful”  will be presented Sept 10 @ 8:30 PM, Sept 15 @  8:30 PM, Sept 16 @ 4:00 PM and Sept 20 @ 8:30 PM at EXIT Stage Left, 156 Eddy St, SF.

Eager to leave behind her suburban US life, Amy moves abroad to explore the world. But when sudden events force her to return, she navigates a more personal terrain, compelling her to reflect on her identities as an American, transracial adoptee, and woman of color, as she seeks to define what home really is.

“Ginther adeptly embraces her characters with heartfelt conviction, shifting the audience from empathy-laden sadness to laughter with ease.”

The Korea Herald


“An Audience With Shurl”   (Sue Bevan) Nominated for Outstanding Performance Award,Prague Fringe.


What’s a girl to do when at just fifteen she’s forced to give up her new-born for adoption? Follow our tragicomic Shurl in her search for connection in an ever-shifting landscape.

edgy show draws on Sue Bevan’s own experience of losing her child to adoption as a teenager raised in a poor, tight-knit community. But the universality of connection, loss and search for meaning have moved audiences across the globe. ‘    Storytelling  at its very best      this powerful, tragicomic solo show hits Sffringe next month.

Shurl has captivated audiences from Stockholm to Cape Town, London and Edinburgh to Boston.  ‘An extraordinary storyweaver and an incredible presence on stage’ Drama Queens Review,

That hour gave me what good, honest, crafted, generous art can give: we were strangers in a room, intimately sharing some

Sat Sept 9th 7:30pm EXIT Stage Left Sat Sept 23rd 4:00pm TICKETS $10 ($12.99 ONLINE)