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SAY NOTHING by Christine Lacey

My Brief career in an Irish Asylum
by Christine Lacey

This is a well-written and compassionate account of the way we once treated people with mental and physical abnormalities and sadly often still do. Christine Lacey gives us a lighthearted account of her experiences as an idealistic speech pathologist adjusting to a new country and the reality of asylum life. She gives us an entertaining , interesting read that highlights the blocks personnel face when trying to give individual help to patients in an institution governed by impersonal and often outdated limitations. I did not find this memoir amusing so much as thought provoking. It is a step forward in universal attitudes that a book like this can be written revealing how institutions with the best intentions are locked into attitudes that serve no one well.  SAY NOTHING is also a realistic account of the challenges of adjusting to a new country with all the unsaid mores that we are not aware exist. All in all, this is a lovely book to read and think about.