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Ice Cream

The Ice Cream Sandwich Incident (San Francisco)

Faultline Theater continues its run of quirky, oddball, left field, out there, mostly original and always interesting productions with Barry Eitel’s The Ice Cream Sandwich Incident, running now through August 27 at San Francisco’s PianoFight.


Becky Hirschfeld, Adrian Deane, Nora Doane, Daniel Chung, Paul Rodrigues

Eitel has taken a stock situation (roommate conflict), added a few twists and set it in a remote earth-bound pseudo-space station, where four “crew members” (Paul Rodrigues, Adrian Deane, Nora Doane, Daniel Chung) who are participating in an experiment are confined for a year under the watchful eye of a corporate administrator (Becky Hirschfeld). The title references the classic “Who ate my stuff in the fridge?” conflict common to many shared-housing situations that is the jumping off point for the fun to follow.

It’s basically a live action parody of Big Brother and The Real World, as if those shows hadn’t already become parodies of themselves. Director James Nelson has his cast playing at just the right slightly-over-the-top level for the characters to be somewhat believable and, more importantly, likeable. There’s Tugg, the emotionally wounded “house”/”mission” leader who’s really not in charge (Rodrigues), Jones, the tough-as-nails runner-away-from-life and hider of secrets (Deane), Amy, the perpetually positive science geek/astronaut wannabe (Doane), Ripp, the innocent, sweet and *SPOILER ALERT* virginal one (Chung) whose status you know will change before the show ends, and May, a corporate drone (Hirschfeld) hell bent on having a successful mission at any cost. Just what exactly is the mission? Well, that’s never really made clear, even when it sort of is.


Paul Rodrigues, Nora Doane, Daniel Chung, Adrian Deane

Eitel layers on the common close quarters conflicts (chore responsibilities, personal hygiene issues, hooking up between roomies, etc.) and resolves them in increasingly absurd, bizarre and amusing ways. Amongst all this weirdness, the cast does a great job of giving each character an emotional core that needs to be there for this show to work. Director Nelson and the cast take what could have easily come off as a two hour improv sketch and turn it into something more than that though, like most sketches, its gets weaker as it goes on and doesn’t really have an ending.

The set by Carlos Aceves, costumes by Wes Crain and lighting by Maxx Kurzunski would all make Edward D. Wood, Jr. proud, and if you get that reference, you will thoroughly enjoy The Ice Cream Sandwich Incident. If you don’t get the reference, head to PianoFight, grab a beer, buy an extremely reasonably priced ticket and just be prepared to be amused by everything you see and most of what you hear.

The Ice Cream Sandwich Incident 

presented by Faultline Theater

through August 27

Thurs, Fri, Sat  @ 7:30pm,  Sun @ 6pm

144 Taylor St
San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 816-3691

Photos by Clive Walker