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Coco Peru – A Gentle Reminder – Coco’s Guide to a Somewhat Happy Life

Coco Peru – A Gentle Reminder to a Somewhat Happy Life
SF Oasis, San Francisco, CA, February 5, 2016

Coco Peru, the drag alter ego of Clinton Leupp, has been performing her acerbic brand of ‘truthful’ storytelling for over two decades. With her sharp Bronx delivery, Peru has a successful routine of taking an initial thought, running through a whole series of tangent threads, and returning to the beginning for a satisfying finish. In this show, Peru, who just reached the wise gay age of 50, ruminates on her role as mentor and communicator of her ‘truths’. Throughout her monologue, meant as a guide to an almost happy life, she hits on the topics of today’s entitled youths, who’ve never had it tough, some jokes at Facebook’s expense and some very serious but hilarious stories about the red flags presented around relationships.

Peru, not usually know as a singer, opened her show with her take on “For Once in My Life” with her own special lyrics, and again on “Whatever Lola Wants”. A serious take on The Beatles “Blackbird” and David Bowie’s “Heroes” see Coco stretching her boundaries. Her story about friend Karen Black’s fearless authenticity is both funny and touching, as is Peru’s anecdote’s about her meeting, wooing and ongoing relationship with her dream husband. From the opening thought about her youthful dream of living in a Spanish palace with a dark and handsome man, to the full circle finale of realizing that dream, Coco’s show is a lovely, crazy ride with one of the best monologists around.