Soyafarm Combines Taste and Healthy Eating with New Soy-based Frozen Foods

New Gourmet Tofu Delights and Edamame Shumai Provide High Protein, Low Carb Health Benefits in a Flavorful Meatless Package

Soyafarm, a leading provider of healthy soy-based food products, today announced the debut of two new products for the health-conscious consumer. Soyafarm’s Gourmet Tofu Delights and Edamame Shumai (premium Asian dumplings) combine the low carb/high protein health benefits of soy-based products while offering a world-class taste that will leave even the most ardent meat-eaters hungry for more.

Soyafarm’s Gourmet Tofu Delights provide premium taste and meatless health benefits in a familiar, convenient nugget shape. Each 8.8 ounces box contains 10 frozen meatless nuggets ready for quick and easy preparation, either by oven or skillet. 5 nuggets provide almost 11 grams of soy protein in addition to isoflavones associated with soy-based products.

Soyafarm’s Edamame Shumai (pronounced ed-da-MA-may SHOO-my) offers a healthy take on traditional Asian dumplings. Usually prepared with pork, chicken, or seafood, shumai has been a popular dish in a number of different Asian countries for years. Soyafarm’s Edamame Shumai uses whole edamame (soy) beans in combination with vegetables and soy yuba skin, a protein-rich skin produced when heating soy milk, to create a unique meatless dumpling that vegetarians and meat-eaters will both enjoy. Packaged in 7.05 ounce boxes, each box of 8 dumplings provides the perfect side dish or snack for consumers who refuse to sacrifice taste when eating healthy. Soyafarm’s Edamame Shumai can be steamed or microwaved, and comes complete with a packet of authentic Asian dipping sauce.

“In the past, consumers have shown concern regarding the taste and texture of meatless products,” said Mike DeBritto, Product Manager of Soyafarm. “With this in mind, Soyafarm has created both its Gourmet Tofu Delights and Edamame Shumai with a clear focus on taste, striving to provide unique flavor that both vegetarians and meat-eaters can appreciate. We are confident that the taste, texture, and health benefits of our two new products will meet consumers’ demands for convenient, flavorful, and healthy foods.”

For additional information regarding either Soyafarm’s Gourmet Tofu Delights or its Edamame Shumai, please call (310) 217-4164.

About Soyafarm
Soyafarm USA is a division of Japan’s Fuji Oil Group, dedicated to the development of highest quality highly nutritional soy products enjoyed around the world. The company’s mission is to introduce healthy flavorful soy foods to American consumers under the Soyafarm USA brand name.
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