SHOWGIRLS! THE MUSICAL! Not for the old lady in Dubuque!!

ShowgirlsSHOWGIRLS! THE MUSICAL! Parody. Peaches Christ Productions. Directed by Joshua Granell (drag queen Peaches Christ), Lyrics by Bob and Tobly McSmith. Victoria Theatre, 2961 16th Street, San Francisco, CA.  August 10 – 27, 2016

SHOWGIRLS! THE MUSICAL! not for the old lady in Dubuque!! Rating: ★★☆☆☆

In 2013 50 Shades! The Musical (The Original Parody of the book “50 Shades of Grey”) hit the Marines’ Memorial theatre earning the adjectives “Raunchy, Risqué and Ribald and for good measure you could add Trashy and Tacky.” Showgirls: The Musical earns these same adjectives and even one ups that show with the rapt audience giving it a standing ovation.

This time around the parody is of the 1995 movie “Showgirls” that has been described as the “worst film ever” earning seven Razzie Awards for worst Actress, Director, Screen Play and Screen Couple. Of course as the “worst” it was the “best” of its genre and became a cult classic. The present parody hit off-off Broadway in 2013 earning mixed reviews and it has been making the rounds in selected theatres.

The West Coast Premiere that is packing them in at the Victoria Theatre  brings in three members of the New York cast adding San Francisco’s own famed drag queen Peaches Christ (Joshua Granell). April Kidwell reprises the starring role (sorry Peaches you’re great but second best) of Nomi Malone who is a bundle of energy apparently very proud of her nude svelte figure and modest boobs. Yes, there is a lot of nudity to go along with the Sexplicit (with a capital “S”) singing, dancing and dialog. The pole dance performed by Nomi and others are show stoppers.

Before the show starts ample-figured drag queen named Lady Bear warms up the audience with a sale of the girls to perform lap dancing on members of the audience. Yes, there are takers and the money bid for the “thrill’ would be donated to the Shanty Project. Lady Bear comes back during intermission for more of the same.

The storyline of the show surrounds the much traveled (From “Different Places”) Nomi (as in ‘get to know me’) who shows up in Las Vegas where she hopes to be a (what else?) a Showgirl.  She has to compete with Crystal Connors (Peaches Christ) who makes her entrance out of a volcano at the notorious Cheetah strip lounge.  There is a plethora of suggestive dialog and lots of T & A dancing before Nomi reaches that “pinnacle’ as a showgirl in Las Vegas.

You can imagine the lyrics to “Let Me See Those Tits,” “Dead Hooker”, “Thrust It”,  “Whorrier” and “F*cking Underwater.”  The dancing and dialog add to the sexploitation that is backed up by an onstage four piece band that often blocks out the dialog made worse by the atrocious sound system at the Victoria Theatre. The costumes or lack thereof (Amie Sarazan ) are a hoot-and-a-holler.

All in all this evening is for the fans of drag and devotees of tongue-in-cheek sexual parody and not the “old lady from Dubuque” (With apologies to Harold Ross the former editor of “The New Yorker”). Running time about 90 minutes with an intermission.

CAST: April Kidwell as Nomi Malone; Peaches Christ as Cristal Connors; Marcus Desion as Molly; Tim Wagner as Kyle Maclachlan; Bobby Barnaby as Gay; Raya Light as Andrew Rapersoon; Rori Nogee as Labia; Russian Roulette as Mittens.

CREATIVE TEAM: Peter Fogel (Music Director); Ric Ray (Set Designer); Amie Sarazan (Costume Designer); Sharon Boggs (Sound Designer); Rory Davis (Choreographer).

Kedar K. Adour, MD

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  1. April Kidwell
    April Kidwell08-13-2016

    Yes. I am very proud of my body and I am very proud of this show.