Scott & Zelda, The Beautiful Fools

Scott & Zelda, the beautiful fools, written by Lance Belville, directed by Lynn Lohr. Ross Alternative Works,

April 21-28

The Beautiful fools follows the extravagant lifestyle of acclaimed writer F. Scott and wife Zelda Fitzgerald.  As told by F. Scott, it retraces their meeting, special moments, their demise and significant people in their lives.

The story is not always enviable, but riveting to watch nonetheless.

As a whole, the conservative set design works to highlight the actors – they are bright colors on a beige canvas.  Costuming is excellent.  It is a very well put together ensemble.

Playing the part of F.Scott Fitzgerald, Frankie Stornaiuolo looks the part and blossoms into the life of Scott as the play progresses.  Emily Dwyer as Zelda, is electric from first appearance. She embodies Zeldas fierceness and does a masterful job of slowly reveling her insecurities, vaguely masking the emptiness of it all and needing more, only to choose life in a psychiatric hospital, over life with F. Scott.

Great performances from all the supporting actors, with special mention of Peter Warden as Groucho Marx.

Playwright Lance Belville has gifted the Bay Area with a fascinating glance back at the glitz of the 1920’s, the rollercoaster ride of an intriguing couple,  and by default, the limitations of the time put on women attempting to pursue a passion equally with men, and the fear of failure by those that have achieved so much.