MEGABYTES! The Musical is almost a megahit at the Shelton Theater

MEGABYTES! THE MUSICAL: A World Premiere Musical Comedy Revue. Written & Directed by Morris Bobrow. Shelton Theater, 533 Sutter St. (btw’n Powell & Mason Sts.), San Francisco, CA.  or 800-838-3006.

Limited Engagement – 7 Weeks: January 19 – March 3, 2018 ( 2 Perfs. Weekly – Fri & Sat. – 8:00 pm)

MEGABYTES! The Musical is almost a megahit at the Shelton Theater. Rating: ★★★★☆

Multitalented Morris Bobrow has done it again with his latest satirical musical revue that opened last night to a sold out crowd in the intimate Shelton Theater where his previous long lasting musicals revues (Party of One, Are We Almost There,  Shopping!, Party of 2  and Foodies!) have been entertaining the populous since 1986. He writes the book and lyrics and also directs his shows.  This time around he gently skewers cell phone/computer technology and habits of the users on both ends of the line.

The show is simply yet colorfully mounted for a talented energetic cast of four with piano for accompaniment. You need not be a techie to enjoy this show because it has universality and you might even identify with the characters and their foibles.   

It all begins with the cast lined up looking down at their phones that has universally intruded our daily life. (“Down”) It is a rousing auspicious start that seems to hit the right notes especially when you are next reminded that an eight year old may have more tech savvy than most adults. (“Tech Advice”). There is a shift in mood when Lisa bemoans breaking up with Mark Zuckerberg whom she dated in college (“Why?”). One skit that really hits home is the persuasive use of cell phones in public places that will probably make you want to throttle the miscreants (“Nightclub”).

Then you are reminded that we are almost a cash-less society and don’t have the pleasure of jingling cash in your pocket (“Cash”). Have you ever heard of a “butt call?” If not you will learn that it is the only way you might accidently call your mother (“A Mother’s Lament”)!

This is just the beginning since there are 25 skits, some better than others, to fill up this short 60 minute revue.  A real humdinger is a commercial in which there is a pitch for an app called “Priest in Your Pocket” and you can confess your sins on-line and never have to enter a church (“A Religious Experience”).  And it goes on and on.

The music is serviceable with counter-point occasionally appearing. A real show-stopper is a torch-song number that Lisa McHenry nails half the way through the show with “Dissed Miss.” Collectively the entire evening rocks/entertains.  Bobrow who has a genius for rhyme keeps coming up humdingers that are too numerous to mention.

The four performers (David Goodwin, Kim Larsen, Lisa McHenry, and Deborah Russo) are veterans of other Bobrow productions and work together like a well-oiled machine with multiple changes of costumes and simple movement of the ubiquitous stools or props. Ben Keim plays piano and serves as the musical director. Morris Bobrow directs the show.

TECH CREDITS: TBA (Set Designer); Jim McCunn (Lighting Tech, Stage Manager).

It is a ‘should see” performance with a limited run with two shows per week for 17 weeks.

Kedar K Adour, MD

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