Jazz; and so much more

Jazz Adapted by Nambi E. Kelley Based on the book by Toni Morrison,
Directed by Awoye Timpo Marin Theatre Company 415 388 5208 marintheatre.org

April 25 – May 19th

Jazz is an emotional ride in 1920’s Harlem, through the journey of Joe and Violet Trace’s relationship, rife with tragedy, love, and the search for answers and renewal.
Jazz maybe the title, and the story is woven with an occasional jazzy beat, but the heart of this story is steeped in the women of the blues.
Kelley is true to the heart of Morrison’s tale, giving rise to the emergence of Black women as whole persons – choosing their own path (“no kids”), embracing their sexuality, their vulnerability, as well as demonstrating their resiliency.

There is the odd part of a person as a Parrot in the first act, brilliantly played by Paige Mayes.  It adds a quirkiness that is missed in the second act.

Above all, you do not need to like jazz music to LOVE this performance.

C. Kelly Wright (Violet), Margo Hall (Alice/True Belle), Dezi Soley (Dorcas), Paige Mayes (Parrot/Golden Gray), Michael Gene Sullivan (Joe Trace), Tiffany Tenille (Felice), Lisa Lacy (Malvone), Dane Troy (Henry Levoy/Acton)  are a richly talented cast that will have you mesmerized from the first beat.   C. Kelly Wright’s performance will have you thinking you have somehow been transported to a Broadway theatre.  Margo Hall has the same effect.

Jazz, is for anyone that enjoys being moved by theatre.

Tickets strongly encouraged. marintheare.org or 415 388 5208