It’s A Wonderful Life: A Mesmerizing Live Radio Show at MTC

Although the perspective of attending a live radio show play may not tempt some spectators there are those who are interested in seeing an adaptation of Frank Capra’s 1947 film in which a small town young man’;s hard earned efforts to realixe the American Dream winds its way into our hearts.

As we enter the theatre Freddie Filmore (Michael Gene Sullivan) and the other radio stage actors are already preparing for the radio broadcast midst  the 1930ties studio sound devices they will be utilizing in the show. It is announced that we are going on air on WMTC in New York City 8n a few minutes… Once the radio show begins we are introduced to the radio actors. In a following scene God orders an angel to go down to earth to help an individual in need. If the angel succeeds in this mission God will grant him the wings he aspires to obtain.. In the next scene we meet George Bailey, the son of a small town family owner of a building and loan company who dreams of leaving the shabby little town to build bridges and skyscrapers elsewhere. But he remains with his family business until his uncle loses the money he was to deposit in the bank that fell into the hands of the family’s enemy Mr. Potter and that will cause the ruin of his family’s business. George thinks of committing suicide when the angel shows him how his contribution to his family and to others have meant so much to many in his family and the town and provided him with a wonderful life..

Joe Landry’s unique adaptation of the film and Jon Tracy’s expert direction transform what could have been solely a sentimental tribute to the realization of the American Dream into thedepiction of  one townsman ‘s driving force and his hard earned fulfillment of his struggle.

The players  from Michael Gene Sullivan as the charismatic welcoming host of the radio show to Gabriel Marin as the family son and the  lead, Sarah Overman as  his wife, Carrie Paff as a forimer friend, and Patrick Kelly Jones as  Harry  are all strong in their respective roles,

The success of this classic favorite as a radio play is its old style appeal in a well paced, lively, coordinated ensemble.We delight in viewing the early days of radio with the actors operating numerous sound effects such as speaking into a glass jar to simulate speaking on a 40 ties phone or tapping shoes together to create the sound of footsteps. Added to this is the moral outcome of the hard working hero whose stolen money was retrieved by the townspeople who contribute to the continuing of his father’s business and to raising his family, These elements along with a final appreciation of one indiividral’s contribution to others render this radio play a fine choice to usher in the Xmas spirit.

It’s A Wonderful Life plays until December 16th  followed by Waiting for Godot January 24th to February 17th, 2013. For information call 415-388-5208 or visit www.Mariin Theatre