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Young Frankenstein (Rohnert Park)

One of the advantages of seeing a show at a venue like the Spreckels Performing Arts Center is that the size of the stage and theatre allows big production numbers to be done BIG. Other venues do their best to recreate the feeling of a big production number, but for it to be really done well you have to have the space to do it and a live orchestra to accompany it. Spreckels has that space, and they get that orchestra. So they have the space and the resources, but do they do it well?

You bet your ass they do. Their current production, “Young Frankenstein” has at least four big numbers – “Join the Family Business”, “The Transylvania Mania”, “He’s Loose”, and the show-stopping “Puttin’ on the Ritz” that must have created quite a challenge to choreographer Mikey Snider and Director Gene Abravaya. Did they meet the challenge?

You bet your ass they did. With an ensemble working together to maximum effect, and with the musical support of a 15 piece orchestra under the direction of Richard and Sandy Riccardi, the stage burst with the energy of a company that went all out to bring you the type of entertainment you just don’t get to see that much of around these parts.

Plenty has been written about the fine work being done by the leads and supporting performers. My hat goes off to all the members of the ensemble who busted their asses to make these big, magical theatrical moments happen.

If you want big, colorful, splashy entertainment, this may be the show for you.

Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein

May 10th – May 19th

Spreckels Performing Arts Center
5409 Snyder Lane
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
(707) 588-3400


(Photos by Eric Chazankin)

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