Fasten Your Seat Belts for a Hilarious Ride with “Boeing Boeing” at RVP

On April 1st the Ross Valley Players opened Tony Award winning Boeing Boeing, a farcical story about a playboy living in Paris and juggling love affairs with 3 stewardesses. Written by French playwright Marc Camoletti and translated by Beverly Cross and Francis Evans, Boeing Boeing Premiered in Paris in 1960, where it ran for 19 years and is the most performed French play in the world. Christian Haines cleverly directed a talented cast in this production.

Bernard (Sean Garahan) is an American architect living the high life in Paris. Suave and elegant on the surface but more a con-artist than connoisseur, he’s engaged to all three stewardesses – and each of them works for a different airline carrier. Gloria (Jessica Lea Risco) is a Georgia peach for TWA; Gabriella (Robyn Grahn) flies with Alitalia, and Gretchen (Jayme Catalano) is a German stewardess for Lufthansa. Each stewardess thinks she’s Bernard’s one and only because of a ruse he’s been perpetuating with time tables and flight schedules. He also has a reluctant co-conspirator in Bertha (Alison Whismore) his housekeeper, who needs to keep menus and photographs in constant rotation. (The housekeeper steals the show.)

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This is a comedy where the set design (expertly constructed by Ken Rowland) contains many doors, and one character always seems to be storming out just as another comes storming in. Then, Bernard has a visitor, Robert (Mark Vashro), an old friend he hasn’t seen in years. Fresh from Wisconsin, Robert is enthralled by each of Bernard’s fiancées – and is sucked into the chaotic whirlpool when Bernard’s house of cards begins to crumble. This was due to the introduction of the Boeing 707 which cut transit times in half.



After these unexpected schedule changes, Bernard’s carefully juggled love life (one up – one down and one pending) goes into a tailspin. One of the schedule changes brings everyone to Bernard’s apartment at once.  Watch as he plays a complicated game of hide and seek in this door-slamming comedy.

262 Boeing Boeing

The wonderful costumes were designed by Michael A. Berg.  Also, a lot of credit goes to the Sound Designer Bruce Vieira for his use of swinging 1960’s pop music, and the Lighting Design by David Lam was quite effective.



Photography by Gregg LeBlanc

Boeing Boeing began its run April 1 and will continue through May 1, 2016. Regular performances are scheduled for Thursdays 7:30 p.m., Fridays 8:00 p.m., Saturdays 8:00 p.m., and Sunday Matinees are at 2:00 p.m.  For tickets to Boeing Boeing, go online to or call 800/838-9555, and tickets for School Groups, call 415/456-9555 extension 3. All performances take place at The Barn, home of the Ross Valley Players, 30 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Ross.

Coming up next will be Anna in the Tropics by Nilo Cruz and directed by Mary Ann Rodgers. It will run from May 27 through June 19, 2016.

Flora Lynn Isaacson