Deathtrap Will Ensnare

Deathtrap at Ross Valley Players

By Ira Levin, Directed by Chloe Bronzan

Jan 18 2019-Feb 17, Thursday – Sunday

Sidney Bruhl: “I wonder if it would not be…well, just a trifle starry-eyed of me to contemplate a partnership where I could count on no sense of moral obligation whatsoever.”

Even if you have a million things to do, find a night and don’t miss Deathtrap at Ross Valley Players.  A true suspense-thriller, you’ll be gripping your seat; this is one of the most thrilling plays I’ve ever seen on the RVP stage.  My review will not be as detailed around the story so as not to spoil the experience.

Director Chloe Bronzan cleverly sets the production in the early 1960’s, and evokes a strong Hitchcock-ian feel.  If you’re familiar with how Hitchcock uses rain, you should probably grab your umbrella on your way out your door.  Ira Levin has written a cunning suspense-thriller and Bronzan does a brilliant job of making us question our notion of who the protagonist should be.

Amber Collins Crane has a way of pulling your attention just by standing and blinking.  Her Hitchcock-like close ups, while on a stage, will have you in awe of how she makes it all look so believable.  Her expression was palpable.

Gregory Crane is a perfectly starchy New Englander, Sidney, capturing the essence of an exasperated, if somewhat paranoid writer.  He embodied the genre.

Bryce Smith as Clifford Anderson spoke Ira’s words as if they were his own;  He was brilliant.

Tom Reilly and Marsha van Broek gave witty, genuine performances.  They exude charm on stage and made you anticipate their return.

The play moves quickly and while you’re bitting your nails and can’t stop observing the sharp objects on the walls, it ends and you find yourself wanting to watch it all over again.   ENJOY!!!

Jan 18-Feb 17, Thursday -Sunday at Ross Valley Players,