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LEFT COAST NEWS, Even We Couldn’t Make This Sh*t Up!

Left Coast News: SF City Review by Gaetana Caldwell-Smith

Show runs through Nov. 12.


Hurry!  Hurry! To see this hilarious take on true events.  Show ends Nov 12.  TFS @8PM at the Phoenix Theatre. 414 Mason, SF.

Six short sketches: Poster Girl, by playwrights Terry Maloney Halley and Leslie Balfour, directed by Maloney Halley; The Distraction, by Richard S.  Sargent, directed by Neil Higgins; Los Angeles by Erica Andracchio (also Stage Mgr.), directed by Sargent; Rags to Bitches by Tommy Jameson, directed by Chris Maltby; The Conversation by Anne Flanagan, directed by Debi Durst; and Normal by Rita Long (also Sound and Light technician), directed by Richard S. Sargent.

During these tense, angst ridden days before the election we can use some belly-laughs which Jameson’s play gave us with “Rags to Bitches”: Rival transgender divas- Poppy played by Neil Higgins, and Dynasty, Connor Fatch-  vie for the prize, a blonde wig is stolen and returned.  Included is a thought provoking play, “Los Angeles” a sly reference to Scientology, by Erica Andracchio, a heartbreaker featuring Andracchio, Eliza Boivin, and Karl Schacnkne.   “Poster Girl” concerns a gay and straight man auditioning for a commercial, with Neil Higgins as Larry, Richard S Sargent as Pete, Connor Fatch as Stan; Joel Canon as Jake, and Terry Bamberger as Amanda.  “The Distraction,” with Terry Bamberger  and Karl Schanckne,  is a send-up involving a clueless stereotypical Dumb Blonde, Sabrina De Mio.  And we can’t omit a barista theme which Anna Flanagan provides in “The Conversation,” dealing with PC labeling  issues with customers: Jonie Legaspi, Richard S Sargent, and Eliza Boivin.  Two baristas- Becca Ward and Aaron Tworek-  get it all wrong.

The show concludes with all-out finale: the hysterically funny  “Normal” by Rita Long, based on a tabloid headline: “Gay Aliens Stole My Baby!”  A middle-America ‘teen, Annabelle (a brilliant Becca Ward), deals with her two dads- Bob (Joel Canon) and Stan (Richard S. Sargent) who adopt a baby only to have it abducted by aliens (Neil Higgins and Connor Fatch).  Baby is returned soon, but due to space-time warps is now a diapered, 50 year old, Big Gay Baby, who belts out show tunes with little prompting (riotous Chris Maltby).  The entire production cast joins them in a sing-along dance: Talk show host/Cute Girl/Reporter/Eliza Boivin;  Reporters Aaron Tworek and Jonie Legaspi, and Fans:  Karl Schacnkne,  Sabrina De Mio, Erica Andracchio, and Terry Bamberger.

Whoever becomes the next Leader of the So-Called Free World- you’re still gonna need some laughs.  So don’t wait.  Hie right over to the Phoenix on Thursday Nov. 10, then bring your friends and family back for the Friday and Saturday shows.  Can the election be someone’s bad dream?  More material for Left Coast News!