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Kill the Editor, written and directed by Aren Haun


4 2 17 exit theatre

Only three more chances to see KILL THE EDITOR, by Aren Haun, at the Exit Studio on Eddy off Mason, Thurs-Sat, April 6-8, 8PM.

Aren Haun has written and directed a 90 minute, volatile, fast-paced comedy/drama concerning screenwriter, Cameron (an intense Josh Schell- “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?” Shotgun).  He has a chance to get his documentary film into the Cannes Film Festival. The rub? He has been given one week to edit its running time down to five hours.  Complications include advice from not-seen mentor Nick, who happens to be the father of Libby (excellent, composed Kathleen McHatton.  Tess in “Six Degrees of Separation”. Custom Made), his ex girlfriend and former editor; and Ben (a Hugh Grant-like Ben Elie, who boasts an eclectic theatre and film background from age 8). Cameron has hired Ben to do the final edit.  Things do not quite work out as planned as self-centered, egotistical Cameron is not the easiest person to work with, and there are a couple of frustrating computer malfunctions, missing copies of various iterations, not to mention dealing with the intractable author’s moods some of which have to do with whether or not to include footage of his father.   As Haun succinctly puts it “Kill the Editor depicts a desperate, unrelenting, and hilarious portrait of the artistic process.”

Anyone involved in film or playwriting, or theatre in general, or simply loves theatre and its mysterious underpinnings, should not miss this play.