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Standing Ovations for Long Run of Skeleton Crew at Marin Theatre Company

Skeleton Crew, Marin Theatre Company’s newest production has an out of town feel, from the set to the cast. The play is the third in Dominique Morisseau’s trilogy about Detroit with Skeleton Crew depicting four auto workers in “Motor City” during the Great Recession.  Director Jade King Carroll has worked with Morisseau on two other plays released in New York.  Even though Skeleton Crew won Marin Theatre Company’s Sky Cooper New American Play Prize four years ago, it is now being co-represented with Theatre Works Silicon Valley.

The set is a changing plant in Detroit, Michigan during winter, 2008 depicting the run-down break room in a stamping factory with sounds and figures in the background.  There is a union poster on the wall and duct tape on the sofa.  Multiple “no smoking” signs have been posted with warnings written to Faye, played by the superb Bay Area artist, Margo Hall. Here Faye is clocking in right on time, ignoring the signs and pulling out her smokes.  At this point, there are many interactions among the characters in the play. Reggie is played by Lance Gardner, Dez by Christian Thompson, and Shanita by Tristan Cunningham. All of the actors performances are outstanding.

The creative team includes Director Jade King Carroll, who does a fantastic job with her four actors, Scenic Director Ed Haynes, Lighting Designer Steve Mannshardt, Costume Designer Callie Floor, Sound Designer Karin Graybash, Projections Designer Mike Post (whose interesting projections precede each scene), Stage Manager Christina Hogan, Dramaturg Laura Brueckner and Marin Theatre Company’s Casting Director Dori Jacob.

Coming up next at Marin Theatre Company will be The Wolves, by Sarah DeLappe, directed by Morgan Green, March 15 through April 8.