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Honeyland — Film Review


Directed by Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov


This is rather boring.  I wanted to see a movie about beekeeping.  This isn’t really about beekeeping, it’s about the life of a poor woman in rural Macedonia.  There’s not much in it for an urban American male to relate to.  If you’re dirt poor, scratching out a life in a remote rural community, you might find something to connect with.  If you’re highly ethnic from maybe the Balkans or Eastern Europe there might be something in it for you.  This is never going to be popular with a mainstream American audience.  These people are beekeepers and they earn a meager living from selling honey at local markets in the city, but beekeeping is incidental to the film.  It is more about the way of life of these poor people in the backwater of Macedonia.  I didn’t find it terribly interesting.  I’m not sure what language it’s in, maybe Turkish, with subtitles.

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