San Francisco has many theatrical gems that have been playing a long time such as “Beach Blanket Babylon”, “Champaign White” and “Barbary Coast Follies”, a wonderful gem is “Foodie the Musical”.  The clever musical will be celebrating its third year at the Shelton Theatre in October.   This is a beautiful paced, bouncing and tuneful little musical that reminds me of those Billy Barnes musical revues that I used to see when working in Hollywood.


Morris Bobrow did the whole shebang of writing, directing and producing this little clever revue that runs one hour and 10 times in a small intimate space in the basement of the Shelton Theatre. The show is filled with memorable tunes by the talented Morris Bobrow who composed “Shopping! The Musical” and “Party of 2, The Mating Musical”.  The music and lyrics are catchy and never detracts from the movement on the small stage.


The four very brilliant singers—David Goodwin, Kim Larson, Rana Kangas-Kent and Patricia Pitpitan sing and sound off about the omnipresent obsession with food. They make fun of eating habits, restaurants, trends, quirks, Yelp reviews, dietary restrictions, cooking shows, overenthusiastic food waiters, Groupons, eating in the car, food trucks and food critics all within the one hour and fifteen minutes of rapidly paced skits.


After a compulsory opening number “High Hi”, the cast remains high with ‘OMG” (On my God) calling each other on their cell phones about their current raves about new restaurants opening up. This is followed “Taking the Waters” which knocks wine snobs but in this case sipping various waters like Arrowhead and Black Mountain. However the host (Kim Larson) says “water should never be taken on the rocks”.

“Organ-ick” sung by Rana Kangas-Kent with her pitch-perfect voice sings about the people who have been eating certain types of food like “tongue, brain and lungs”. David Goodman rocks in the sidesplitting “Switchies” as the overzealous waiter who does a Danny Kaye impression of name various pastas in amazing machine-gun order. David Goodwin and Rana Kangas-Kent are hilarious as farmers who tell their customers, Kim Larson and Patricia Pitpitan that there chickens are raised with tender loving care and even giving vacations Kim Larson is uproarious as an ego centric food critic. (He says he introduced the phrases “I am your waiter”, “Is everything OK, and “How are we doing”.) He is also entertaining as a “reservation counselor” to David Goodwin and Rana Kangas-Kent in the hard to get restaurant reservation number such as The French Laundry Restaurant in Napa Valley.  The couple finally gets a table in September 2017 with a down payment of $7000.  I particularly like the “Breath Threat” which Patricia Pitpitan sang about the need for Altoids who seeing a person she has the hot for.  She is hoping for “breathless affair” I had Altoids in my pocket and sitting in the front row, I almost was going to get up and give her one of “Altoids” Wintergreen tablets. There are many other little scenes that were engaging.  The show ends with a spoof of an opera, the four members belting “La Triviata” ending with songs about food.


“Foodies the Musical is once again one of San Francisco’s theatrical gems and it will run forever at the Shelton Theatre, 533 Sutter Street (near Union Square) San Francisco.  You will laugh yourself hungry.   The show runs on Fridays and Saturdays. For tickets and information call 800-838=3006 or go on line at www.foodiesthemusical.com