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A ‘go-see’ theater review:
‘Bamboozled’…by Patricia Milton.

Four women from different parts of the U.S. collide, when one, an African-American antiques-appraiser from California is accused by a daughter of the American Revolution in Tennessee of defrauding her in the sale of her ‘family-valuables’…
The pre-trial strategy meetings between the accused and her lawyers, one a white lesbian, the other a black lesbian, unearth different notions of justice and what today’s America should look like…
Sharply directed by Gary Graves, witty script and beautiful acting from Stacy Ross, Chelsea Bearce, Susan Jackson and Jeunee Simon, four of the Bay Area’s most watchable actors.

A delightful evening’s entertainment, with a twisted ending.

Where: Central Works, Berkeley Women’s Club, Berkeley, CA.

When: Through March 18 2018