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Here’s the movie of the year for incurable romantics which I happen to one of them.  We saw “Call Me By Your Name”  I was emotionally shattered AT the Kabuki theatre because of its dizzying eroticism.   It’s been the sensation of all most art festival circuits this year.

Set in northern Italy in the summer of 1983  Oliver  an handsome athletic charmer to assist Elio ‘s father who’s a professor of Greco-Roman culture. Elio at first by Oliver at attention-grading body and his American slang


The sexual development goes slowly. They bicycle into nearest town where they observed a war monument with mussel body’s. Elio and Oliver can’t yet verbalize the magnetism their bodies can’t help making plain. As go they go deeper in the sexual bond deeper and deeper in the bond with swimming and wrestling

The 26 year older Oliver waits for the young Elio to makes to initial move when it happens the floodgates of carnality and confusion open wide   James Ivory the screenplay writer and Guadagnino the director has written a magnificent script.

I can say enough about Armie Hammer and Timothee Chalament superlatives fail me.  They install there with fire .They are outstanding in the roles You made by shock what the younger boy does with peach. Hammer is a revelation, giving his most complexes to date and Chalamet after seducing Saoirse Saorise in “Lady Bird” in nothing less of acting discovery of year.

Michael Stulbart he’s  Elio’ father has a magnificent scene toward the end of the film  A stunning poetic and profoundly of empathy in which a father openly encourages his son to follow to true nature, risks be damned.  Stay for the when the end credits roll you will experience an assume acting of  Master Chalament .  He stares into camera full face for full six minutes and slowly there are tears down the cheeks

“Call Me Be Your Name” moved me deeply