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A minor fraud  “La-La Land “ is “The Greatest Showman “by same  team of Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.  They succumb to the film’s American idol vocalizing.  The songs are boring. The choreography is tedious. It’s a whitewashed biopic about American impresario Phineas Taylor Barnum. If you believe that load of malarkey, I like to sell you the bridge in Brooklyn. It sterilizes Barnum’s early years shamelessly. Per example: exploitation of human oddities like the pint-sized General Tim Thumb for profit. It’s the G-rated version a life, a family-friendly depiction of the controversial figure altruistically presentable by old-school Hollywoodish screenplay

Hugh Jackman portrays Barnum and beautiful tenor voice sings most of the score songs and athletic hoofing deserves the spotlight. But the musical number are bombastic they try to each other.. The director has misguided preoccupation with razzle dazzle at full throttle.  In scene Zac Efron and Zendaya appear to be auditioning for Cirque du Soleil.  Jackson gets lost in scenery

Like Barnum said those moviegoers who mistake spectacle for quality  “there’s a sucker born every minutes.

They even have commercial at the beginning of the film with Hugh Jackson front center before camera thanking the 8 within the movie audience for their attendance

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