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Stegosaurus (or) Three Cheers for Climate Change (San Francisco)

To attempt to synopsize Stegosaurus (or) Three Cheers for Climate Change is akin to pondering the question “What’s it like to be dust?” which, coincidentally, happens to come straight from local playwright Andrew Saito’s script. Faultline Theater’s latest intriguing production is directed by Rem Myers and runs through April 16 at PianoFight.


Paul Rodrigues, Sango Tajima, Sabrina Wenske

Suffice it to say that the following are just a few things you will see/experience during this relentlessly paced 65-minute tale:

Four Actors (Paul Rodrigues, Sanjo Tajima, Donald Currie, Sabrina Wenske)

A raked, dimensional set by Sarah Phykitt

Birds hanging from the rafters and flying from the control booth

Roadkill taxidermy

A Mr. T bikini

A popgun


A ketchup bath

A cowardly airline pilot

An 80 lb sea bass



A Jurassic Furry

If that doesn’t pique your curiosity, nothing will.

Neither a diatribe against man’s abuse of the planet nor a rallying call to the cause of global warming, Stegosaurus… is an absurdist character study set in the no-so-distant future where Sach (Paul Rodrigues) and Claudey (Sanjo Tajima) have bigger things on their minds than the destruction of the planet, like how to get rich via a yard sale and use the proceeds to buy a Jacuzzi.  Interrupted by occasional bargain hunters (all played by Sabrina Wenske) and an airline pilot (Donald Currie) who literally drops in on them, their self-centered, quiet lives of desperation play out utilizing all the items listed above and more in an hour-plus vignette of color, chaos, confusion and carnality.


Paul Rodrigues, Donald Currie, Sango Tajima

It’s funny, occasionally profound, energetically performed, intermittently verbose, mercifully short, somewhat (though not off-puttingly) perverse and wholly original – a quintessential San Francisco theatre experience.

Stegosaurus (or) Three Cheers for Climate Change

presented by Faultline Theater

through April 16

Thurs, Fri, Sat  @ 7:30pm,  Sun @ 6pm

144 Taylor St
San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 816-3691

Photos by Clive Walker