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STAKE IN THE GROUND: Celebrating the Intersection of Self Pleasuring and Self-Compassion

STAKE IN THE GROUND: Celebrating the Intersection of Self Pleasuring and Self-Compassion
Written and Performed by Jallen Rix
Directed by Richard Jessup
March 26, 2016, SF Oasis

Performer, author, and sex educator, Jallen Rix has had a long, arduous journey to self-integration, contentedness and sexual liberation. In this very personal exposition, Rix’s story unfolds in a series of anecdotes involving his sexual awakening, his descent into shame-based religious dogma, years of guilt and repression, to his return to self-acceptance and joy.

Rix’s story is not that unusual to his gay and lesbian compatriots who’ve endured lifetimes of opposition and vitriol. Jallen touches on issues of body shaming and the consequent ageism played out by youth against the images of their future selves. To this ‘you’re not good enough’ shame mentality, Rix divulges his recipe for unity. Wholeness and integration in response to the compartmentalization we’re indoctrinated into, a return to his oneness with nature and a healthy dose of sexual liberation are his cure.

Sounds simplistic, and in lusty, anything goes San Francisco, Rix may be preaching to the choir. Yet, achieving a sense of self-worth can take a lifetime as his work in sexology and therapy have illustrated. The unveiled vignettes are both dark, sad and funny and ultimately rewarding. When he discovers his father masturbating, the angry Rix wields this hypocrisy as a weapon, and I couldn’t help but think that maybe this is the root of all sexual rage and pent up hatred.

The loose script, while feeling natural and unaffected, needs some work to make it more concise and powerful. At almost two hours, the show could be edited and tightened. Rix is charming, and unabashedly open – stripping down to a G-string is the ultimate commitment to his message. Knowing that I might have difficulty performing that simple act highlights the power of my own lingering shame and strengthens Rix’s case.

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