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Beth Clarke CR Seth Golub

Mittens & Mistletoe: SF Dance Mission Theatre

Above: Beth Clarke on Slack Rope – Photo by Seth Golub

Wonderfully Entertaining! Mittens & Mistletoe – A Winter Circus Cabaret 

The latest Sweet Can Productions show is a wonderful treat for anyone of any age. Everyone will enjoy this sixty – seventy minute show produced at the Dance Mission Theatre, 3316 24th Street (corner Mission)  San Francisco CA 94110 between December 18-27, 2015.


Natasha Kaluza with Hula Hoops
Photo by Shoot that Klown

Mitttens & Mistletoe’s  talented cast of nine skilled performers dance, do acrobatics and clown, balance, sing, play music and more.

A giant projection of a comforting winter cabin is shown at first, with an outstanding 15 minutes of pre show live music played by Luke Brechtelsbauer – and then we are off into the clever, funny and entertaining world of these clowns, with witty surprises along the way.

The premise is a family of clowns getting together for the winter holidays. These performers actually play more than one character and do multiple skills, so there’s a cast of, well, a dozen or two. In between the circus cabaret acts interactive clown scenes get the audience involved. It’s all done with flair, fun and wit – the show enthralls everyone, right to the end.


Kerri Kresinski on Tissu
Photo by Shoot that Klown

Highlights of the show include: Natasha Kaluza’s dazzling Hula Hoops, she makes it look so easy that you want to join in! Beth Clarke’s amazing Slack Rope act, combines two very difficult skills as she foot juggles and balances on the rope. Jeremy Vik’s Handbalancing is a thrilling top notch theatrical circus act, and the bequiling Andrey Pfening’s Parkour act is in an unusual acro tango style is fascinating. Kerri Kresinski’s Tissu act is beautiful as she flies through the air held by the gossamer fabric, defying gravity.

Sketches include idiosyncratic to broad clowning (with a tiny bit of delicious NPR like dialogue), an ode to Black Friday and some brilliant  puppetry. So you see, this is no ordinary Winter Circus Cabaret.

The show is tied together by the very exuberant Emcee played by Jasper Patterson, Jamie Coventry’s fascinating Clown and Marria Kee’s Hoops and Roustabout.

Mitttens & Mistletoe – A Winter Circus Cabaret is a proving itself an appealing popular family show, which is very well received by the sell out audiences.

Artistic Team: Beth Clarke, Coventry & Kaluza, Kerri Kresinski, Jasper Patterson.

Tech: Harry Rubeck & Patrick Sweeney.

More Information:

  • Sweet Can Productions
  • Tickets – Mittens & Mistletoe
  • Performance Dates + Times
    12/18, 8pm
    12/ 19, 8pm
    12/ 20, 2pm and 4pm
    12/22, 2pm, 4pm
    12/ 23, 2pm
    12/24, 2pm and 4pm
    12/ 25, 2pm
    12/26, 2pm, 4pm, 10pm* (adults only performance)
    12/ 27, 2pm, 4pm

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