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Last weekend for Treasure Island at Spreckels!

By Sandy Riccardi

When walking into the small Condiotti Theater at Spreckels Performing Arts Center to see “Treasure Island”, one feels like one is boarding an actual pirate schooner, with an authentic-looking crow’s nest that one might actually climb up into if one wouldn’t get in trouble with the authorities. One might have even attempted such a climb if ushers weren’t keeping an eye out for mutinous scallywags like oneself.

The sets, designed by Eddie Hanson and Elizabeth Bazzano, are a true delight, enhanced by the Paradyne projection system, developed by Spreckels Performing Arts Center, which combined still images and animations to create billowing oceans, green jungles, giant maps and even the seaside town of Bristol, England. The sea-faring sound design by Jessica Johnson, was excellent, adding to the overall effect of really having a port-side view of the action.

Ken Ludwig’s stage adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, is effective and entertaining, easy to follow and mostly true to the story, characters and language. The cast is excellent. Jon Rathjen was born to play Long John Silver. He brings the right amount of trust, distrust, and even love for young Jim to the role. Jeremy Ivory-Chambers was an outstanding Jim Hawkins, the teenage protaganist, longing for adventure and information about his long-lost father. Chris Schloemp does deft double duty as the foppish Squire Trelawney and Black Dog. Brian Abbott does a fine job as Captain Smollett. David Crone was a very, very dark and swashbuckley Billy Bones. Matthew Witthaus was an intriguing Captain Flint. Mollie Boice played the Ben Gunn role almost like Smeigl, entertaining us with wild-eyed, hysterics one might really display after years alone on a deserted island, guarding a secret buried treasure. Supporting castmates Lyndsey Transue, Anderson Templeton, William Thompson and Elizabeth Henry were all strong and passionate in their parts. Many buckles were swashed.

A great thrill-ride with a great classic. Can we bring the cast, crew and sets back to do Moby Dick?

Directed and fight-choreographed by David Yen
Costumes by Pam Enz

8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 2
2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 4
Tickets cost $16 to $26
$16 students; $22 youth; $24 seniors; $26 general.

Presented at Spreckels Performing Arts Center,
Bette Condiotti Theatre
5409 Snyder Lane, Rohnert Park, CA 94928

For tickets, call the Spreckels Box Office at 707-588-3400. Box Office hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 12 to 5 p.m. and

one hour before showtime or reserve online at


William Thompson in the crow’s nest

Photograph by Eric Chazankin

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