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The imitable singer, comedian, raconteur and actress Darlene Popovic returned to Society Cabaret at the Hotel Rex for a two night engagement of August 16 and 17th. The show was called “Love and Laughter”.  Once again she delighted the packed house with her stories and songs of relationships between male and female. Aided by Tom Shaw on piano this was a grand night of splendid entertainment.


<p>This extraordinary, versatile artist performed a wide-ranging night of 22 romantic and comedy songs for an appreciative audience.  Her program was beautifully fashioned in every detail including amusing stories of her own relationships.


Darlene Popovic opened the show with quickly going into snippets of “Que Sera, Sera”, “A Boy Like That” and “They’re Either Too Young or Too Old” and then going into “Someday My Prince Will Come” changing the lyric to “Someday my print will come” and then picking up an 8 x 10 envelope with the word “Prints” on the envelope.  You could tell this was going to be a night of comedy.


The songs list was perfectly chosen with such familiar songs like  such romantic songs like “Falling In Love”, “What’s New” “Here to a Rainy Day” and “Folks Who Live on the Hill”.  However she shined in the comic songs like “I Wish You Sspplltt” to the tune of “I Wish You Love” and the Carrie Underwood’s song “Before He Cheats”.  She did a hilarious version of “Making Love Alone”. Needless to say I don’t have to go into the lyrics of that song.


She beautifully tackled the Fanny Brice song “Nathan” using Fanny Brice’s style of singing and then wowed the crowd by singing “New York, NewYork” sung in Yugoslavian after talking about her Yugoslavian  grandmother always telling her to be a “good girl” when Darleen was growing up.


For an encore Darlene sang a song about the alcoholic drink  Seamus Moore’s “Vodka” which brought down the house.  She ended with a sublime rendition of “Rich Famous and Powerful”.  This was a grand night of singer and storytelling

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