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Foodies! The Musical played at San Francisco Towers.

FOODIES! THE MUSICAL: A Revue. Written & Directed by Morris Bobrow. AWAT Productions; Shelton Theater, 533 Sutter Street, San Francisco. (800) 838-3006 or  Open Ended Run

Foodies! The Musical played at San Francisco Towers. Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 of 5 stars)

This reviewer has been amiss for not attending Morris Bobrow’s most recent hit that has been playing at the intimate Shelton Theater in downtown San Francisco. Lucky for me and the residents of the elegant San Francisco Towers retirement facility the show has been brought intact with the original cast and plethora of props for a special evening of entertainment for the residents.

Morris Bobrow, who was introduced before the show began is a true auteur pianist, playwright, actor, director and last but hardly least an accomplished composer and lyricist. The ageless Bobrow burst onto the Bay Area musical scene working with Gerald Nachman and Rita Abrams for the highly successful revue New Wrinkles that won all sorts of prizes and has been played throughout the U.S.A. including a highly praised run in New York City.

When he went out on his own handling the whole shebang of writing, directing and producing he came up with a string of winners that played for years in the Bay Area and Canada. These included the revues Are We Almost There? (about travel), Shopping, Party of One (about being single), followed by Party of 2 – The Mating Musical and others. His latest opus is Foodies! a highly satirical musical revue that skewers all the foibles we have encountered with dining out and the pretentiousness of food and wine faddists.

Bobrow’s wicked sense of humor and ability to rhyme incongruous words is legion. The exceptional four member cast put their hearts into the show’s concept making us feel the character’s pain while we laugh with them. You surely will recognize the characters and their foibles and even find yourself being satirized in skits of how we act and react to food and restaurants.

After a compulsory opening number “High Hi” that we get from drinking Red Bull, the cast remain on a high with “OMG” (Oh, my god) with the cell phone mania of calling each other to rave about the new places that are opening up. Next up to be skewered are the wine snobs with “ Taking The Waters”with  the host having a fully stocked water cellar giving a water tasting party in Fremont. (Black mountain and its “brash icongruity).Water never to be taken on the rocks.

There are 20 skits ending with “A Thank You” for staying awake. To mention just a few highlights, be assured there are many.  “Organ-ick” with the emphasis on “ick”y never to eat tongue and chitlins etc.  “Doctor’s Orders”: How often on your yearly check-up has your doctor advised healthy eating and you dreamed of eating everything from French fries to pizza? For those who order sensibly, you will never order salad again after you listen to what the cast adds to their “Salad.”  Only Bobrow would come up with the  “Salad for a main course leads to remorse… but you can add cheese, ham etc.

“Switches” starts out with “My name is…” and “What’s yours?” followed by the waiter’s life history before there is a switch to busboy and then the pasta chef with David Goodwin  doing a superb Danny Kaye skit describing every possible pasta name.

Gary Danko’s and the French Laundry, where it is almost impossible to make a reservation , take their lumps in the hysterical “The Blue Tulip” that starts out with a couple meeting the ‘reservation counselor’ before a down payment of $7000 is made for a September 2017 reservation.

“Cook Like Me” skewers Julie Child and every TV Chef and you will never watch one of those shows again especially the ones that puts a pinch of this and that making a concoction Monsanto would be proud of.

A brief summary of other vignettes without picking a favorite:

-“Breath Threat”: The mania for having good breath and the need for Altoids and having “breathless affair.”

-“Bad Timing”:  Whether to go out to dinner before or after the theatre.

-“Meals on Wheels”:  Food truck fad.

-“Bargain Bites”:  The coupon disaster from Groupon.

– “Food of the Moment”: Ultimate dining; “We don’t actually serve food!”

-“ Food Talk”:  Food phraseology. The waiter has mastered the 5 must of what to say. 1. I’m your waiter. 2. Is everything OK? 3. How are we doing? 3. May we take that or are you still working on it. 5. To Go! Learning the culinary cornucopia will be good enough to get a job at IHop

There are many more. Advise: It is a great show of 90 minutes without intermission that is highly recommended.

Featuring:  L-R (Front) Deborah Russo &  Rana Kangas-Kent, (Back) Kim Larsen & David Goodwin.

Accompaniment by Angela Dwyer.

Artistic Staff: Jim Mc Cunn, Stage Manager &Lights; John Ramirez, Set Design.

Kedar K. Adour, MD

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