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A Wild and Wacky Production of “Devil Boys From Beyond”


<p>Two shirtless hunks, four marvelous drag queens and 90 minutes worth of some of the campy acting you will ever see and you have “Devil Boys from Beyond” now playing at the New Conservatory Theatre Center.  It ain’t Chekov or Dostoyevsky that’s for sure but it’s great fun.  Bottom line I had entertaining evening watching this farce of a low grade sci-fi film of the 50’s.


“Devil Boys” was awarded Winner of the 2009 Fringe New York City Outstanding Play and nominated for the 2010 GLAAD Award. The plot, oh yes there is an inane plot. It’s 1957 in a place called Lizard Lick, Florida (that’s silly already). The New York Daily Bugle dispatches its ace reporter, Mattie Van Buren (Nathaniel Marken) to Lizard Lick where aliens have visited. She is accompanied by her alcoholic ex-husband and staff photographer Gregory (Kai Brothers) and trailed by the conniving Lucinda Marsh (Drew Todd), a competing hack.


Mattie discovers that the local matrons Florence (Chris Maltby) and Dotty (Jennifer S. McGeorge)  have shacked up with these aliens called Plutopian Beefcakes (Gabe Lopez and Brandon Richard).They have become pregnant and God knows what super-race babies will come out of their bodies that are set to dominate the world.

Buddy Thomas and Kenneth Elliot have written a farce that would make Charles Busch and Charles Ludlam proud. They have put in every traditional benchmarks of the 1950’s satirizing the paranoia of the Cold War of the period. The wooden stylize dialogue is straight from such trifling sci-fi flicks “I Married a Monster from Outer Space” and “Invaders from Mars”.


Nathaniel Marken is wonderful as a hard-hitting Barbara Stanwyck type broad playing Mattie. Drew Todd is outstanding as the lustful vamping Lucinda. (Think Joan Crawford as Mommie Dearest). A.J. Davenport is impressive as the hardboiled editor of Mattie’s newspaper. Chris Maltby rocks as the bizarre lady hotelkeeper Florence. Gabe Lopez and Brandon Richard make for pleasing eye candy as the outer space hunks. Kai Brothers is excellent as the inebriating Gregory.  Jennifer S. McGeorge gives a cheekily impudent performance as Florence’s best friend Dotty.


Devin Kasper set is appropriately cheesy while Christian Mejia lighting and Jorge R. Hernandez costumes captures the cheesiness of the era.  F. Allen Sawyer directs a fast pace 90 minute farce.


“Devil Boys from Beyond” runs through June 28th at the Walker Theatre of the New Conservatory Theatre Center, 25 Van Ness, San Francisco. For tickets call 415-861-8972 or on line at   Currently playing is Philip Dawkin’s “The Homosexuals” which I have also reviewed on my blog. It can be Googled.  Coming up is “Pansy” back by popular demand opening June 19 and running through June 28th. I also reviewed this one man show last year and it can be Google

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