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A Provocative Production of Kathy Rucker’s “Crystal Springs”


 The Eureka Theatre is currently presenting the world premiere of a new challenging drama by rising playwright Kathy Rucker‘s “Crystal Springs” This sixty three minute drama about parenting in the perilous times of the digital age  is sharply directed by London’s award-winning director Anna Jordan. At present it seems to be a work in progress as it attempts to present a lot of important facts on the incapability of parents to understand their children in the current society of the internet texting.   There is a gem of an excellent real life drama but its need more clarification for it to become a first-rate drama.  


“Crystal Springs” follows a suburban mother who gets wrapped up in her daughter’s online social circle. She ultimately becomes obsessed with this and starts’ using the teenager’s Web connections to fire barrages and seeks revenge.  Also drawn into this vortex are a wary neighbor who naively believes curbing Internet access will keep her own daughter safe and a young office assistant who Web savvy inadvertently sets into a motion a scheme with a horrifying outcome. 


The action unfolds backwards starting with the repercussion of the death of a 16 year old girl named Haley who is beautifully played by Marissa Keltie. It is always difficult to present a play using this reverse chronology and the only playwright that I know who has successfully done this is Harold Pinter in “Betrayal”. Simply stated it would be a better drama if the timeline was not reverse. There are some beautifully written scenes about the paltriness of adult life and the smarminess of a teen circle where texting has become a way of life. However these scenes just wiz by in short rapid session some only lasting minutes long.

Director Anna Jordan assembled a good cast of local actresses to present this thought-provoking play. Marissa Keltie skillfully morphs into a sixteen year old Haley.  Susan Shay gives a entrancing performance as Mia.  Amy Prosser is impressive as the inconsolable mother Rose. Heather Robison gives a striking performance as a hardnosed reporter. Sally Clawson and Siobhan Fitzgerald round out the cast and they give fine performances as Linda and Jenna.

“Crystal Springs” runs through March 23rd at the Eureka Theatre, 215 Jackson Street, San Francisco.   For tickets call 800-838-3006 or on line at


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