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A Wild and Hilarious Production of “Twisted Fairy Tales”

There is a new theatre company in San Francisco called the Left Coast Theatre Company.   This company was formed in the spring of 2012 from the successful gay men’s writing group, GuyWriters Playwrights. Following several successful productions of the “Eat Our Shorts” series of short plays, the main writers and producers decided to create their own company on producing original queer-themed plays written by local and national playwrights.

The company is currently presenting the hilarious production of “Twisted Fairy Tales” written by playwrights Nick Brunner, Matt Crowley, Paul Dana, Chris Maltby, James A. Martin, Heather Meyer and Rodney “Rhoda” Taylor. There is a series of seven short plays inspired by The Brothers Grimm, Aesop’s Fables, Mother Goose Tales, Hans Christian Anderson, Disney, and other similar stories and a few new fairy tales introduced as well! 

The opening  play “My Fairy Godmothers” by Rodney “Rhoda” Taylor is about Jimmy (Kai Brothers) who wakes up on his couch and finds two “fairy” god mothers (John Terrell and Desiree Rogers) hovering over him. However they apparently got the wrong address so it becomes a 10 minute comedy of errors.  Love the line where Jimmy says to one of the “fairy” godmothers (John Terrell)  “You look like a guy in drag’ and you know he does.

The second play is also an original by Chris Maltby called “Happily Ever After”. The playwright wonders what does happen to characters in Hans Christian Anderson’s story that end “happily ever after”. Like Sondheim’s “Into the Woods” the playwright does a different spin on this ending. Prince Crispin (David Glazer) and Garrick the stable boy (Tye Olson) call on the Narrator (Kai Brothers) to wonder just what will happen ever after.  “Calc 10” by playwright Nick Brunner takes place during a college test lead by the Professor (Chris Maltby) involving a very shy student,(Luis Quiroz) a college jock (Max Hersey), a sexy woman (Lauren LeBeouf) and assorted fairy book characters (Val Garrahan, Rodney “Rhoda” Taylor, David Glazer, John Terrell)  joining in the romp.

“The Mice will Play” is one of the better stories and Matt Crowley’s short play could easily become a longer one act play.  It is a twisted tale of the Cinderella story where in the two mice are turned into the human beings for the night.  While the ball is going on in the next room these two “mice” converse (Sarah Doherty, Julia ( Beebe Reisman) about being human beings just until midnight. “Poof”  follows with James A Martin’s story about a young man named Timmy (Tye Olson) is given a magic wand by a cross dressing homeless man.(Paul Dana) He suddenly becomes “a boy princess” and causes havoc in his household. (Val Garrahan, Kim Saunders, Dene Larson)

<p>Two of the best are the last two. “Eat Me” by Paul Dana is a twisted tale of little Red Riding Hood (David Glazer), a “reformed wolf”   (Richard Ryan), Granny (Gabrielle Motarjemi) and a Texas talking hunky sheriff (John Terrell). The last scene of the evening is Heather Meyer’s <i>Stepmother’s Manifesto”. The audience gets another view of Cinderella from the prospect of the step mother Wanda (Debi Durst), Cinderella (Val Garrahan) who is a demanding screaming brat, a groovy hip Prince Charming (Max Hersey) and sisters Cremora (Gabrielle Motarjemi) and Celeste (Rodney “Rhoda” Taylor).

<p>There are 20 actors in this fast pace farce and all give good performances.  Outstanding are David Glazer who recently came to the Bay Area from Orange County theatres who plays Prince Crispin , Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk and “Red”.  This young actor has amazing   professional moves with a terrific speaking professional voice.

<p>Sarah Doherty and Beebe Reisman give striking performances as the two mice that becomes human. Richard Ryan gives a splendid enactment of the “reformed” wolf especially in his long speech about how he unfortunately ate the grandma. John Terrell is campy and looking like a “guy in drag” in the first scene but morphs beautifully as the Texan sheriff.  Tye Olson who has appeared in HBO and Showtime Films and appeared in the film “Watercolors” is excellent as the boy princess.   

<p><i>Twisted Fairy Tales” plays through April 1 at the Shelton Theatre, 533 Sutter Street, San Francisco.  For tickets go to or    

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