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An Interesting Evening with “The Pornographer’s Daughter”


Liberty Bradford Mitchell who calls herself a “a classical trained nonprofessional” is the daughter of Artie Mitchell one of the Mitchell Brothers who were porn kings of San Francisco and the producers of the porn film “Behind the Green Door”.  Liberty in a 90 minute intriguing production tells how she grew up on the X-rated fringes of the pornography empire. Directed by Michael T. Weiss this is an emotional look of an infamous local legend that became an intriguing part of San Francisco history.

Liberty who is now 43 and mother of two not only tells the story but acts them out as well. She tells who the brothers grew up in Antioch and how they had artistic ambitions.  She talks about the making of the flick “Behind the Green Door” was has been considered one of the earliest feature-length adult movies starring Marilyn Chambers. This film actually was invited to the Cannes Film Festival where it was roundly applauded by fans.  It certainly was a mega hit at the box office earning 50 million dollars for the brothers to make them rich men.  Later her parents divorced due to Artie having a cocaine problem.

Liberty loved her father after the divorce but she did not care for her father’s new life style of cocaine taking, living an X-rated life with stripper.  She, of course, talks about how brother Jim Mitchell murdered her father in 1991 and served only three years of a six year prison sentence.

Liberty Bradford Mitchell also wrote the 90 minute piece which is full of sharp stories many relatively amusing.  She tells these stories in a forthright style with very little nuance performance.

Liberty is backed by The Fluffers  a trio of rock musicians Kevin Swartz on drums, Keith Stater on bass and vocals and Geoff Knoof on guitar and vocals. There are videos by Skye Borgman on a large scene showing X Rated history of graphic erotic art at the start of the solo performance. Also the videos show up during her performance that advances the story telling of the daughter.  

“The Pornographer’s Daughter” runs through February 16th at Z Below, 470 Florida Street, San Francisco.   For information or to order tickets visit

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