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“How We First Met” a Valentine Day Special at Marines Memorial

 be“How We First Met” a Valentine Day Special at Marine Memorial


We attended the lovely and hilarious  14th Annual “How We First Met” at the Marines Memorial Theatre on Valentine Day. This is annual one day only event presented by Jill Bourque the host and creator of the show.  “How We First Met” started in 2001 as a one time show for Valentine Day.  She thought it would be fun to interview couples on how they first met and then have a group of funny improvisers recreate this event.   Since that time many groups over the world have performed “How We First Met”.

Jill Bourque said that this year there were 32 entries so she trimmed them down to 10 couples.  At the start of the 90 minute no intermission show the 10 couples  appeared on the stage eager  to be  selected as the three couples who meeting will be told.  She told the full house consisting mostly of young couples that everything would be improvise, the music by keyboard artist Joey Hassid, the lighting and the comedy of the improvisers consisting of Dana Blasingame, Laura Derry, Mark Duncanson, Paul Erskine, Scott Keck and Lisa Safran

Jill interviewed all ten couple on stage.  She ask each of the semi-finalist that they give her a 10 worded version of their story of how they met.   The audience by clapping then choosed the three couples.   The three couples took their seats on stage while the remaining seven sadly  left the stage.

Kim and Michael met in 1999 in Brooklyn while walking in a park by the river. She was reading a Batman comic book while eating a fruit salad from a deli cup.  The group then did a hilarious take on this meeting.  Jean and Kevin meeting were interesting.  She was from Ohio and she met Kevin at a business conference in New York City and what followed was the side splitting  entertaining of the meeting by the improv group.  The last couple had the best meeting.  This was a crazy, wild, cut and funny story of the Ex-Nun who married a divorcing, middle age man with three kids.   The group of improvisers really took off this both in song and crazy acting.

Other questions were given to these three couples by Jill and the funny group of improvisers not only entertainingly did these scenes but sometimes sang them in various styles.. The 90 minute show went over a little and it ran two hours

There were some glitches with the mikes during the show and sometimes we could not hear the various stories that were being told.  A person kept trying to adjust the small mikes on each of the couple but to no avail.  There were times I had no idea what the improv group were doing.  All in all it was an nice way to spend Valentine Night.

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