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A charming, vivacious 1938 musical I MARRIED AND ANGEL by 42nd Street Moon

l-r: Angel “Brigitta” (Kari Yancy) charms a perplexed “Count Willy Palaffi” (Sean Thompson) in
I MARRIED AN ANGEL at 42nd Street Moon, playing Oct 30 – Nov 17 at The Eureka Theatre. Photo credit David Allen

I MARRIED an ANGEL (1938): Music by Richard Rodgers. Lyrics by Lorenz Hart
Book by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart. Based on the play by Janos Vaszary. 42nd Street Moon, Eureka Theatre, 215 Jackson St., San Francisco. Box Office:  415/255-8207 or   October 30 -November 17, 2013
A charming, vivacious  1938 musical I MARRIED AND ANGEL by 42nd Street Moon  Rating: ★★★★☆ (5/5 stars)

Greg MacKellan is a master at staging old fashioned musicals and has done it again with the 75 year old Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart fantasy I Married an Angel that ran for a year on Broadway followed by a one year National tour that ended in San Francisco’s Curran Theatre in 1940.  This production at the Eureka Theatre is studded with fine singing, acting and dancing including this reviewers favorite musical comedy star Bill Fahner whose role as Harry Mischka Szigetti is sort of the deus ex machina.
The play is based on the play by Hungarian Janos Vaszary, and the action takes place mostly in Budapest,  so be ready for other names to match. Bachelor Count Willy Palaffi (Sean Thompson) has dumped American fortune-hunter Anna Murphy (Halsey Varady) stating that any woman he marries must be an angel and ‘poof’ an Angel (Kari Yancy) appears complete with wings. After a night of love-making prior to marriage (oh, horrors) Angel loses her wings. Never fear, they legalize the affair and the fun begins.
Willy’s private bank is in trouble and there will be a run on the bank if new money is not forth coming. But this is all hush-hush from his investors. Angel’s angelic nature does not allow her to tell a lie that creates havoc as well being hilarious. Truth does not will-out whenl Willy’s sister Countess Peggy Palaffi (Allison Rich) teaches her the social graces of being less than truthful.
Beware a woman scorned. That happens to be Anna who spills the beans. The potential savior is unattached romantically inclined deep pockets Harry and he is the object of Peggy and Anna’s desires all be it for different reasons. Before the evening ends a quartet of Angels (Victoria Stewart-Davis, Megan Stetson, Abby Sammons, Elena Ruggiero).
Enough of the convoluted plot. It is the lovely songs of Rogers and Hart that are sung by the fine voices of matinee idol handsome Sean Thompson, saccharine sweet Kari Yancy, dominate Allison Rich, comedic Halsy Varady and scene stealer Bill Fahrner.

l-r: “Henry Szigetti” (Bill Fahrner) gets a little too cozy with “Brigitta” (Kari Yancy) much to the consternation of her husband “Count Willy Palaffi” (Sean Thompson)

They are aided and abetted by Zack Thomas Wilde’s choreography that includes soft shoe and tap numbers. Nathaniel Rothrock, a look-alike to Sean Thompson, does the honors with his solos and when he shares the stage with many of the ladies. He out does himself in the show stopping  “Roxy Music Hall” production number.
The first act setting up the plot and characters is a bit slow and runs a tad too long but the second act is an energetic roller coaster leaving the audience with a warm feeling as they leave humming the tunes. Running time 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Honors go to the entire production crew: Directed by GREG MacKELLAN; Music Director: DAVE DOBRUSKY; Choreographer: ZACK THOMAS WILDE; Stage Manager: KRIS VECERE; Production Manager: HECTOR ZAVALA; Set Design: HECTOR ZAVALA; Costume Design: RUTH RASER TIMBRELL; Lighting Design: DANNY MAHER;  Props: STEPHANIE SUAREZ; Intern/Set Painter: ARAEL DOMINGUEZ; Woodwinds: NICK DI SCALA; Rehearsal Pianists: KEN BRILL & JONATHAN ERMAN.

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