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Dance | Drama | Allegory
US, 2013, English, 97 minutes, black & white

After 15 years away, Thorson (played by Russell Murphy, former San Francisco Ballet principal dancer) returns to the ballet company where audiences once flocked to see him. He has choreographed a ballet for troubled times but it’s not going to be easy to finance new work with funds for the arts drying up. As his original scheme collapses and he loses heart, a new experience, both transcendent and terrifying, seizes him.









director Rob Nilsson
cast Russell Murphy, William Martin, Anita Paciotti, Michelle Anton Allen, Dan da Silva
producers Rob Nilsson, Michelle Anton Allen
screenwriter Rob Nilsson
cinematographer Deniz Demirer
editors Stuart Sloan, Drow Millar, Deniz Demirer, Gustavo Ochoa

summary review
Interesting technically with its black and white, noire approach, extreme angles and close-ups. Becomes a mish-mash of pretentious avant images and muddled ending. A failed effort.

script/story [rating=3]
acting [rating=6]
cinematography [rating=8]
technical quality [rating=8]
afterglow [rating=1]
Overall [rating=2]



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