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A Clever Production of Martin Edward’s “Pitch Perfect”.


Central Works is a small theatre company by presenting new plays through the collaborative development by various new playwrights. Martin Edwards who was a former creative director and copywriter with Grey Advertising has written a comedy drama that maybe Don Draper would have written his “Mad Men” insider memoirs.

The 85 minute comedy is set in contemporary Los Angeles with Bob, (Brian Tryborn) a former advertising wizard arriving from New York intent on firing struggling Creative Director Roger (Tim Redmond) who has just lost three major clients.   He will be awarding the job to Roger’s ex-wife and ex-partner, Maggie (Deb Fink) .  However Roger has secured a rare opportunity to pitch an important new account.  Rather than fire Roger, Bob orders the two ex-lovers to work together to win the business.  Roger and Maggie have the chance to get rich and save the Los Angeles office.   That is the story in a nutshell.  What happens you will have to see the comedy.

“Pitch Perfect” plays like a Movie of the Week and probably would star someone like Paul Rudd to play the breezy Roger.  It is a good, breezy comedy with a lot of in gags about Los Angeles and Hollywood.

Tim Redmond  is excellent as a copy writer Roger who refuses to grow up and he plays it like Paul Rudd would do in a Movie of the Week.  He throws out a lot of local gags such as driving on the 405 during rush hour or about the irrationality of a Shakespeare actor in Los Angeles.

Deb Fink gives a very good performance as the jaded Maggie who is bitter and being brought back from early retirement to help Roger in this new quest. She is a contrast to the sound and fury of the two men.

Bryan Tryborn is engaging as the gaudy impetuous Bob who pepper his bellicosities with expletives.  Rounding out the cast is Maggie Mason as the aspiring, feeling her way upward on the corporate ladder Caitlin.  She is appealing in the role.

Gary Graves direction is fast pace as it should be in world of advertising. “Pitch Perfect” plays through August 18th the Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Ave. Berkeley.   For tickets call 800-838-3006 or one line at   Coming up next is Gary Graves “Red Virgin” Louise Michel and the Paris Commune of 1871 opening on October 18 and running through November 24th.


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