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We caught one of the last performances of the original musical revue “Show Me Yours” at the Alcove on Friday. All of songs were composed by Pen and Piano composers which is the resident writing company of  The New Musical Theatre of San Francisco. There were ballads, sensual and upbeat songs sung by five very talented San Francisco actors.


“Show Me Yours” subtitled “Songs of Innocence and Experience” reminded me of those little revues that I used to see in the Greenwich Village in the 50’s and 60’s. Many of the songs also reminded me of Broadway shows in that era.  The fast pace revue was about romantic associations that run from straight connotations to gay love affairs plus love in the digital age.


The show opened with the lively Ben Prince/Jerome Gentes’s “Show Me Yours” sung and danced  with  great gusto by the company.  This was quickly followed by the cast singing love in current age with I-Pods and cell phones singing Richard Isen/Anne Nygren Doherty’s “I Goggled It”.


Each of the five member cast consisting of  Chloe Condon, Jacqueline DeMuro, Tim Homsley, Sheelagh Murphy and Tom Reardon each had moments to shine in  this rapid pace 90 minute show. Some of the highlights of this 19 song revue included Sheelagh Murphy sublimely singing Paul James Frantz “Come on In” assisted by Ben Prince on piano.  She reminded me of a combination of Mae West and Beth Midler dressed in a beautiful gown singing this transcendent song. Tom Reardon has pitch perfect resonance singing Richard Isen’s “Something Cooked Up in Your Mind”.  Tim Homsley had a vibrant voice singing Richard Hefner’s “Streetlight or the Moon”.  Chloe Condon agreeably sang Denise Wharmby’s clever “Take It Off” that had nothing to do about clothing but about a matchmaking service that went wrong. Jacqueline DeMuro was engrossing Isen/Hefner’s “It’s Almost Funny” as was Sheelagh in this number.


Tom Reardon and Tim Homsley were sparkling as a gay couple singing Ben Prince/ Pamela Winfrey”s  “The Magic Number” a song about how to keep their “tricks” sexual peccadillos straight in their head (This one wants to do it in the dark/This one wants to make it in the park/This one’s on top/This one’s below/ This one’s in love with leather/This guy is tough/ no powder buff/This one like rainy weather/ This one plays milkmaid in the barn/This one likes to be tied up with yarn/This one’ a Nazi, this one a saint/This one plays Yaahtzee all covered in paint/And we can’t keep the names straight/Whose games should we be playing?/)


Tom along with Jacqueline DeMuro, Sheelagh Murphy and Chloe Condon were harmoniously energizing in Richard Jennings/ Pamela Winfrey”s “Irish”.  Tom and Jacqueline DeMuro did a lovely rendition of Andrew Klein/ Sandy Kasten’s “Vienna”.  Richard Jennings and Sandy Kasten’s  “Kinky” was staged as a shadow-puppet routine that just did not make it for me.


Coming up by Pen and Piano is a new musical by Richard Isen called “Give a Man a Mask and He’ll Tell You the Truth” opening at the Alcove Theatre on July 5th.  You can keep tract of the shows at this intimate theatre by go to or



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