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Rhinoceros’ Slugs and Kicks Goes Behind the Scenes of College Drama

Rhinoceros’ Slugs and Kicks Goes Behind the Scenes of College Drama

John Fisher’s comedy about college drama students rehearsing a play mixes personal intrigues with play rehearsals. Student actor Rory intermittingly narrates his role in a current college play along with his reactions to his house mate Anis, stage director Jerry, and other characters. Fisher’s youthful cast offers an irresistible freshness and spirited character interpretations that entice spectators into becoming accomplices to their decisions and actions…We empathize with a naïve Rory (Ben Calabrese), fearful of unlashing his emotions and sensual desires and unable to choose either a male or a female partner but rather subtly submitting to a kind and considerate Marty who understands and cares for him. We feel for Anis (Alexandra Izdebski) in her plaintive attempts to attract Rory, and even sympathize with stage director Jerry ( Zachary Isen) and his tough demands on his actors, with Marty (Robert Kittler) and his sophisticated indifference, and with Cynthia,(Asali Echols) and her flirtatious sensuality. The slugs and kicks that these characters provide for one another make for a delightful potpourri of youthful traits that quickly win over the audience.

Fisher’s Slugs and Kicks vividly evokes souvenirs of one’s college days in school plays.intermixed with personal drama as we,too, once sought to find ourselves through artistic expression..

Scenic Design (John Fisher and Anthony Powers) is minimal. An empty well lit stage, except for a stone like piece that resembles a long bench down stage works well for group movement and change of locale. Excellent stage movement and bodily expression enhances the verbal expression throughout.

Slugs and Kicks plays until December 9th. For information for this play and for the Rhino New Year’s Eve Spectacular starring Lea

DeLaria and Tennessee William’s Something, Cloudy Something Clear in January call 800-838-3006 or visit www.The