"For me, it's no irony that this place is called New Beginnings. I've got a new beginning, a second chance, and I'm going to live my life the right way."

-Cheryl, Homeward Bound resident.

Adult Services

Located in two centers -Mill Street Center and New Beginnings Center - our Adult Services program helps individuals in crisis discover how to achieve their own new beginnings. A majority of residents commit to a long-term stay and begin rebuilding the personal resources they need to move out of homelessness for good.

Mill Street Center
The "front door" to our Adult Services Program, the 40-bed Mill Street Center serves single adult men and women.

Twenty beds are designated for emergency night-to-night stays. Another 20 beds are reserved for adults wishing to end homelessness in their lives. These people create an action plan and work toward their goals during stays of up to six weeks. In turn, staff support the residents with around-the-clock counseling and daily workshops. As space becomes available, committed residents "graduate" to New Beginnings Center.

190 Mill Street
San Rafael, California
415-457-9651 or 800-428-1488

New Beginnings Center
Once single adults set personal goals to move into and maintain long-term housing, they move to New Beginnings Center. This state-of-the-art facility is the first homeless shelter in the U.S. constructed on a decommissioned military base.

New Beginnings Center (NBC) offers five on-site vocational and training programs:

  • Fresh Starts Culinary Academy
  • Janitorial and Building Maintenance
  • Landscaping and Garden Maintenance
  • Public Works
  • Computer Skills Classes
  • While staying at NBC, residents learn to identify job skills and participate in job search workshops, job training programs, apprenticeship opportunities, employment search, and retention goal setting.

    New Beginnings Center also provides basic healthcare, around-the-clock counseling, an on-site 12-step program, relapse prevention groups, and other services as necessary to help residents move into and maintain long-term housing.

    1399 North Hamilton Parkway
    Novato, California