Day 5

7 am drive to Grand Canyon West Rim go
Up early to get on the road with DeTours of Nevada to travel to the West Rim and experience the SkyWalk. We breakfast in the coach as we travel, driving over the Mike Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.
Grand Canyon West, not part of the Grand Canyon National Park, is located on the Hualapai Indian Reservation. Because the West Rim is located only 120 miles east of Las Vegas a great many tourists and tours originate from there. Since the opening of SkyWalk at Grand Canyon West, tourist visits have dramatically increased from many directions.

  269 miles / 433 km

This area is a remote wilderness region – no gas stations, convenience markets or fast food services here. The final entry – 7 miles of unpaved road through a Joshua Tree forest – leads into the Hualapai Reservation and the West Rim. If you drive your own vehicle, bring water and make sure the car is in good working order!

10 am arrive with 5 hours to enjoy the multiple viewpoints

We start at Hualapai Ranch go
This place is a hoot! They’ve recreated a small western mining town, complete with saloon, eatery (wouldn’t exactly call it a restaurant), jail and mine. With a safety glass barrier you can test your skill in the quick draw against an opponent with real 6 shooters (using blanks). Trick is remembering to cock the pistol. Survive that? Try your hand at the Tomahawk Throw. Good horses and small comfortable rooms are available for rent.

on to Eagle Point, home of Grand Canyon Skywalk go
What we really came for. We “walk the path of the eagle” … about 4,000 feet above the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon…standing on the edge of an engineering marvel that extends 70 feet over the Grand Canyon’s rim.  Looking down through 2.5 inches of crystal-clear glass creates a bit of vertigo. Exhilarated, we’re awed by the fabulous canyon views and just a bit glad to be off the Skywalk. Eagle Point gets its name from a canyon formation resembling an eagle with its wings spread.
Drumming draws us to the Native American Village and performance area where an American Indian family is drumming, singing and dancing. Representatives from three other tribes are here too…including a papoose in a cradle board.

lunch at Guano Point
Excellent viewing and hiking. Western hospitality luncheon  – half chicken, green veggies, cob of corn, salad, chips, dessert and drink – well prepared and delicious. Outdoor eating area right at the edge of the canyon while crows, just inches away, glide on the drafts and entertain us. We hike to the point to get a view of the cave (across the river) from which millions of pounds of guano were extracted in the past century. The product was lifted out of the cave and cabled across the river to waiting boats.

3 pm head back to Green Valley Ranch
DeTour of Nevada Executive Van gives us a smooth ride back to Las Vegas.

8 pm quick visit to The Strip
We go to a party at a club in MGM Grand and have our picture taken with fun props.

stay Green Valley Ranch go
Plugged in and connected, we check e-mail and relax in the room. Big comfy bed, luxe linens, choice of pillows and coverings, big jacuzzi tub, amenities make us feel quite comfortable.

Day 5 photos
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