"I have a strong passion to be of service to others who walk the path I once did."

-Danita, former Homeward Bound resident and former board member.

About Homeward Bound

Innovative. Empowering. Compassionate.

What makes Homeward Bound different?

Innovative. Our holistic approach to ending homelessness addresses each stage of the issue: providing help to those in crisis, teaching life and job skills, developing inclusionary housing options.

Empowering. Homeward Bound residents find our culture of recovery and self discovery empowering. We give them the support needed to take responsibility for themselves and turn their lives around.

Compassionate. Homeward Bound staff and volunteers are committed to treating residents with dignity and respect.

Homeward Bound's overarching goal is to end homelessness in Marin County.

We are dedicated to helping homeless people in Marin County obtain the option of independent living. Our work includes:
Emergency, transitional, and long-term housing, food, support services, and advocacy for homeless adults and families.
Transitional and residential services for adults with mental-health disabilities.
Job and life-skills training and assisted re-entry into the workforce.
Advocacy and construction of inclusive housing for Marin's lower-income residents.

For those committed to change, Homeward Bound provides structured programs that require a drug- and alcohol-free environment. All programs require residents to set realistic and individual goals with action plans for achieving those goals. Each resident must save 75 percent of his or her earnings for a new beginning.

Leadership and Partnerships

Employment Opportunities